Free spins, bonuses, deposit offers – what will you unwrap?

Even Santa's sack couldn’t possibly hold all the Casino Instant Bonuses, Free Spins and Deposit Bonuses that we're giving away this Christmas.

Open your Christmas Calendar door every day from December 1-25 to unwrap your gift. Forget the twelve days of Christmas; celebrate 25 days of Casino.

Open today's Christmas Calendar door

How it works

Free Spins, match bonuses, Casino Instant Bonuses – who knows what's waiting for you underneath the Christmas tree?

To get your hands on daily Casino prizes, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Each day from December 1-25, go to your Challenges Window (available via web, desktop client or via the mobile app).
  2. Open your Christmas Calendar door for that day to reveal your tailored offer.
  3. Opt-in and complete your Challenge for a reward, or avail of the deposit bonus on offer.

We won't give too much away (it would spoil your Christmas surprise!) but you can have a sneak peek of the rewards you can expect:

1 Friday, December 1 Free Spins on Dragon Slot.
2 Saturday, December 2 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
3 Sunday, December 3 Starburst Bonus.
4 Monday, December 4 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
5 Tuesday, December 5 Free Spins on Ali Baba.
6 Wednesday, December 6 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
7 Thursday, December 7 Mega Moolah Bonus.
8 Friday, December 8 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
9 Saturday, December 9 50% Match Deposit Bonus.
10 Sunday, December 10 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
11 Monday, December 11 Free Spins on Millionaires Island.
12 Tuesday, December 12 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
13 Wednesday, December 13 Roulette Bonus.
14 Thursday, December 14 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
15 Friday, December 15 Free Spins on Dragon Slots.
16 Saturday, December 16 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
17 Sunday, December 17 Blackjack Bonus.
18 Monday, December 18 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
19 Tuesday, December 19 Stars Mega Spin Bonus.
20 Wednesday, December 20 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
21 Thursday, December 21 Live Casino Bonus.
22 Friday, December 22 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
23 Saturday, December 23 50% Match Deposit Bonus.
24 Sunday, December 24 Casino Instant Bonus worth up to $5,000.
25 Monday, December 25 Free Spins on Millionaires Island.
Open today's Christmas Calendar door

Special Offer Details & Rules

  • This promotion will run from 12:00 GMT on December 1 to 23:59 GMT on December 25.
  • This offer is strictly limited to one per person, family, household address, email address and I.P address.
  • Each daily offer will be available from 00:00-23:59 GMT, with exception of the offer on December 1 which will be available from 12:00-23:59 GMT.
  • Players can find the Christmas Calendar in the Challenges Window available in the PokerStars Casino downloadable desktop client, on web or via the mobile app.
  • Players can open a new Christmas Calendar door each day from 00:00 GMT to reveal the offer of the day. Offers will not be pre-announced except for ‘Sneak Peaks’. For example, on December 1 you can only open Christmas Calendar Door 1.
  • Each offer behind the Christmas Calendar Door is specifically tailored to you.
  • The offers and rules for each daily Christmas Calendar offer will be outlined in the Calendar window under the information (i) button in the top right corner.
  • All Casino Challenges require opt-in. Opt-in through the Christmas Calendar available in your personal Challenges Window by clicking the ‘Start’ button.
  • For deposit bonus offers, the bonus code will be revealed behind the Christmas Calendar door and do not require an opt-in. You must use the bonus code within the offer period when depositing to be eligible for that day's offer, after which the bonus code is no longer valid. The Casino Instant Bonuses awarded will carry a clearance rate of 2 redemption points per USD $1 of bonus awarded, and will be valid for seven days upon issue. Casino Instant Bonuses may only be used on the game(s) specified.
  • For days with a deposit bonus offer, please note that a withdrawal during that day (00:00-23:59 GMT) will leave you ineligible to claim a Casino Instant Bonus or Free Spins offer.
  • Casino Instant Bonus prizes awarded by completing challenges or making a deposit can be used on all Casino games. Each Casino Instant Bonus awarded will carry a clearance rate of 2 redemption points per USD $1 of bonus awarded, and will be valid for seven days upon issue. The Casino Instant Bonus value is random and the probability table can be viewed under the information (i) button in the top-right corner of your Christmas Calendar window.
  • Redemption points are earned at different frequencies on different Casino games. Click here for a detailed overview of how many redemption points you can earn playing each game.
  • Free Spins Bonuses awarded by completing a challenge or by making a deposit can only be used on the specified Casino game. The Free Spins Bonus will be valid for 7 days upon issue. All remaining spins and any pending winnings generated will be forfeited once your Free Spins expire. As soon as you complete all your Free Spins within the validity period, any winnings will be instantly credited to your account as cash with no withdrawal restrictions.
  • Please note for any specific Roulette Challenges or bonus clearance, covering the table by 65% or more will result in that game round not counting towards the progress of completing a Challenge clearing bonuses.
  • The following details & rules are specific to the 50% match deposit offer:
    • If you request a withdrawal prior to earning the required redemption points you will lose all bonus and winnings.
    • Bonuses credited can only be surrendered for real cash on the provision that the surrender amount is greater than $0, and the request is within the seven-day bonus validity period. You can track the surrender value of your bonus via the ‘My Stars’ menu.
    • The surrender value will never be greater than your original cash deposit. If you start playing through your bonus, and the bonus balance goes above your initial deposit amount, then the surrender value will remain the same as the initial deposit value.
    • If your bonus balance drops below the original issued amount, losses will come off the cash portion of the bonus first (the surrender value will be reduced).
  • We reserve the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate this promotion at any time, for any reason whatsoever without notice to players.
  • Have a general question about how Casino Instant Bonuses work? Check out our bonus page here, or our extensive FAQ page here.

General Terms & Conditions apply. If you have any questions about this promotion, please contact Support.

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