Play for Real Money using Abaqoos


What is Abaqoos?

Abaqoos is a payment method that enables you to quickly and securely deposit funds to your Stars Account.

There are two methods for depositing using Abaqoos;

  1. Abaqoos Online Bank Transfer (available to OTPdirekt customers)
  2. Abaqoos Voucher (available to everybody)

Abaqoos Online Bank Transfer

To make an Abaqoos online bank transfer deposit, you need to register and activate an Abaqoos wallet with OTPdirekt. Setting up your Abaqoos wallet is quick and easy, and you only have to do it once.

After registering here and receiving your 14-digit Abaqoos ID code, you can activate and recharge your Abaqoos wallet via OTPdirekt e-banking, call center, or mobile banking services.

To fund your Abaqoos wallet using a voucher, simply sign up here.

Abaqoos Voucher

To credit your Abaqoos voucher you can either transfer funds to one of the Abaqoos bank accounts (Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Erste Bank, KH Bank, MKB Bank, OTP Bank, Unicredit Bank or Raiffeisen Bank) directly from your own bank account, or pay in cash at any of the above bank branches or in the major Post Offices. You can pay in cash at one of the above banks, even if you don’t have a bank account.

When depositing to a bank account, it is important that you enter only your Abaqoos account username in the 'Notice' field. After the funds appear on your voucher account, you can instantly deposit the funds to PokerStars.

You can recharge your voucher account at any time. If you deposit at one of the banks above within banking hours, it will normally take only five minutes for your Abaqoos voucher to be credited. If you transfer from another bank, your Abaqoos voucher will normally be credited the next business day.

How can I make deposits using Abaqoos?

Please, feel free to use any of the below platforms that may be available to you.

Desktop client: To make a deposit, login to your account and click the 'Cashier' button, then select 'Make a Deposit'. Next, click on the 'Abaqoos' button and follow the on-screen instructions.

App users: To make a deposit, login to your account, select the Real Money tab in the lobby, then tap on the ‘Deposit’ button. Next, tap on the 'Abaqoos' button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Web users: To make a deposit, login to your account and click the 'Deposit' button. Next, click on the 'Abaqoos' button and follow the on-screen instructions.

What are the deposit limits for Abaqoos?

Please visit the Cashier for your current deposit limits.

What about my withdrawals?

Abaqoos withdrawals are not supported.

Please visit our Withdrawal Policy to find alternative options to withdraw your funds.

How does the exchange rate conversion work?

We use the prevailing mid-market rate provided by XE (plus a small fee if applicable) to convert your deposits and withdrawals to/from your account currency. For additional information, please read our Real Money Transaction Processing and Currency Conversion Terms and Conditions.

What will it cost me to use Abaqoos?

We do not charge any fees for using Abaqoos. Players are responsible for any fees charged by Abaqoos.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact Support.

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