Buttons not working at the tables on Android device

The issue is commonly related to a third-party app running in the background.

When action buttons (e.g., the Call or Fold buttons) are not reacting when tapped but other buttons like I'm back do work after you have been sitting out, the cause is usually another app affecting the multi-touch screen features.

The following apps have been known to affect this feature, Lux Lite, Lux Auto Brightness, Twilight, Pixel Battery Saver and Night Owl.

While these apps are the most common ones, this issue can be caused by a variety of apps you may have installed on your device which includes but are not limited to:

  • Memory optimization apps
  • Battery optimization apps
  • Task killers
  • Antivirus apps
  • Any app that is designed to modify system settings (such as display settings for example)

If you have recently installed an app that matches the above description, uninstalling it may resolve the issue.


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