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PokerStarsPay: Time frame for credit

PokerStarsPay deposits will be credited within the following time frames:

Country Time Frame
  • Within 60 minutes if made:
    • Via online banking
    • For the exact amount requested
    • Within 24 hours of the deposit instructions being issued
  • Up to 2 business days if made:
    • Using a different beneficiary
    • For a different amount
    • More than 24 hours after the deposit instructions were issued
    • Over the counter at a bank branch
    • Via an ATM
  • Immediate
  • Within 48 hours* (after paid at OXXO store) if made:
    • From the same beneficiary selected in the Cashier
    • For the exact amount requested
    • Within 48 hours of the deposit instructions being issued
    • During business hours (no weekends or public holidays)
  • Up to 3 business days if any of the above is not followed.

  *24 hours for Banorte

  • Within 60 minutes (after paid at RedPagos store) if made:
    • For the exact amount requested
    • Within business hours


Some additional details to avoid delays with your PokerStarsPay deposits:

  • Do not make more than one Cashier request for the same deposit.
  • Wait until your previous PokerstarsPay deposit has been credited before requesting a new one.
  • Request new instructions in the Cashier for every new PokerStarsPay deposit.



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