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Paysafecard: Declined deposit troubleshooting

Some possible reasons for your paysafecard transaction being declined include:

  • Temporary connectivity issues. Please try again.
  • Incorrect voucher information. Check your details and try again.
  • Outdated web browser version. Update to their later version and try again.
  • Insufficient funds. Log into the paysafecard website, click on Services and then on Checking your balance.
  • You are using a 'junior paysafecard' intended for underage users. Please contact paysafecard at
  • You have entered your paysafecard PIN in the Bonus Code field. Wait until you have clicked on Submit and enter your voucher PIN in the next redirect page.
  • Your paysafecard PIN is locked due to security reasons. Fill out the paysafecard Reactivation Request form and try again.
  • Your paysafecard currency is not the same as the one you're trying to deposit in and your paysafecard balance is not enough to cover their conversion fee. Log into the paysafecard website, click on Services and then on Currency calculator.



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