ecoPayz: Declined deposit troubleshooting

Some possible reasons for a declined ecoPayz deposit attempt include:

  • The ecoPayz account used is associated with a different Stars Account:
    • If you have two Stars Accounts with different licenses and would like to use the same ecoPayz account on both, create a secondary currency account with ecoPayz, add funds to it and use it to deposit on your other Stars Account.
    • If you had previously used your ecoPayz account on a Stars Account that is no longer active, let us know so we can remove it.
  • Incorrect information: Double-check your information and try again.
  • ecoPayz account not yet created: Please confirm your account was successfully created and is active.
  • Insufficient funds in your ecoPayz account: Make sure there are enough funds to cover the transaction.
  • Transaction not completed in time: Make sure not to close the browser window until the transaction is completed.
  • Temporary connection problems: Try your deposit again in a couple of hours.


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